IFSSA will initially take the help of well-equipped molecular biology laboratory facilities of Barwale Foundation (BF) for identification of parental lines from hybrids, genetic purity tests and screening for genes of interest using molecular markers technology.
  Field, Post Harvest and Seed Testing
IFSSA would arrange multiplication of foundation seeds on the fields of seed growers and the genetic purity of seed lots will be tested on the basis of field grow-out test and molecular marker systems at the research farm at Maharajpet about 34 KM from the city.
The seed lots will be processed, upgraded and packed at suitable seed processing units. The germination, viability, vigour and health status of the seeds will be tested at our well-equipped seed testing laboratory.
  Training and collaboration
IFSSA would actively take-up the training of seed producers and farmers pertaining to the maintenance of parental lines (foundation seed) and production of hybrid seeds. IFSSA would work with various renowned national and international seed researchers, agencies and policy makers. IFSSA would convene workshops and seminars for assimilating and disseminating the information regarding recent advances in the field of MAS, hybrid research and seed production etc. IFSSA would also take-up client-oriented research endeavors aimed to resolve specific problems.
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