The very existence of the IFSSA is for linking public-private seed sectors and providing value-added services to the seed industry. The salient objectives are:
To undertake, promote, develop, research activities for maintaining, multiplying and making available good quality pure seed of the parental lines of hybrids and allied varieties of every type and agricultural crops
To develop, research, standardize and offer services pertaining to ancillary seed quality assessment and testing techniques viz., DNA markers for varietal characterization and genetic purity analysis
Utilization of DNA purity detection techniques, which may eliminate the time consuming, labour intensive and expensive field grow-out tests (GOT)
Utilization of Marker Assisted Selection (MAS) techniques for quick and precise crop improvement schemes
To act as an effective interface or facilitator between all those engaged in the production and distribution of foundation and breeder seeds
To collect, classify, prepare, publish and distribute the information pertaining to the research involved and production of quality seeds of improved crop varieties/hybrids
In future, IFSSA would diversify and expand its activities in the best interest of seedsmen and the farmers
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